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The Dapp/Wallet Balance Loading Problem

When this problem happens, you can try to change the end-point of that chain in your wallet to solve the problem.
Let's take the Binance Smart Chain, and MetaMask as an example:
1.Go to https://chainlist.org​
2.Search "Binance Smart Chain", then click on it. (If you want to find the BSC testnet, check "Include Testnets" box)
3.You'll see a list of available Binance Smart Chain RPC URLs, choose the one with the lowest latency, and copy its “RPC Server Address”.
4.Now, open your MetaMask wallet extension, and click the 3-dot button on the right side of your wallet name, and then click "Expend view"
5.Go to the Network page in the settings.
6.Paste the “RPC Server Address” you copied to the "New RPC URL" blank(no need to change other information), and click Save.
7.Refresh the EDE Dapp page to see if your problem has been solved.