El Dorado Exchange
El Dorado Exchange


Start from the XXX of XXX at 00:00 UTC.

Event Time

Eeach day from 00:00 UTC until 00:00 UTC the following day, a round of trading will be tracked for that day.

How It Plays

Trading on the platform will be recorded against each user who trades in that specified time period.
Based on a user's trading volume relative to the total amount traded, that user will be able to claim from a pool of 5,000 $EDE after the day has concluded, claiming a proportional amount relative to how much they traded vs how much in total was traded that day!


I use the EDE platform for my trading, whereby I trade $1,000,000 worth of volume. The day ends, and the total amount traded was $5,000,000.
The value of my trades equates to 20% of the total volume traded on that day. Meaning, my share of the 1,000 $EDE reward is 20%, enabling me to claim 200 $EDE!

Benefits You'll Get

Not only will you be able to claim $EDE rewards, but because you have a higher ESBT level, you also receive discounts claimable after you open/close a trade in the ESBT section of the DApp.
Meaning, not only have you paid LESS for trading on El Dorado Exchange through $EUSD rebates, you can claim $EDE rewards as well!