Phase 1: The Core Trading Mechanism & Mainnet Launch - Completed

-Release Testnet 1.0 (completed) -Begin testing phase and figure out core issues (completed) -Work on Testnet 2.0 and iron out core issues & work on UX/UI issues (completed) -Release Testnet 2.0 and begin second round of testing to identify any issues (completed) -Ensure trading mechanisms are fully functional on Testnet (completed) -Finish UI/UX improvement and work on $EUSD system (completed) -Begin Testnet trading competitions to showcase protocol to market (completed) -Launch Mainnet (launch on Binance Smart Chain on 10th, Dec 2022 and launch on Arbitrum on 8th, Mar 2023)

Phase 2: Social Trading Ecosystem - In Progress

  • Implement ESBT, a user system to track contributions and trading records, enabling better and automated rewards for users (Completed).
  • Develop a trader's portfolio feature.
  • Introduce Referral System 2.0.
  • Incorporate copy trading functionality.
  • Integrate AI trading bot.

Phase 3: A Defi Ecosystem

Creating lending mechanisms to increase capital efficiency for users. Expanding the ecosystem to provide more utility for the governance token and ELP, as well as providing more use cases for the $EUSD stablecoin.