EDE users can earn the $aEDE token via the referral-to-earn events which are held now and then with different time limits and requirements.


Let's assume an example to understand this event.
The round 3 referral-to-earn reward is 300 aEDE for each referrer. The referrer can eventually get this rewards by accumulating valid invitations.
Valid invitations: the users successfully mint their ESBT with your referral code.
The referrer's reward starts from 0 aEDE, and as the number of valid invitations increases, the rewards will continue to increase. Once it reaches or exceeds 300 aEDE, you can then click the Claim button to claim it.
You can find your invite and ePoints data at the bottom of the ESBT page.


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    Details of each round of referral-to-earn events may be different, please pay attention to our announcements.
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    Once your referral code has been used by other traders, the traders will be bound with you, and the binding relationship can never be changed, which means that you can't remove them from your referral list, and they also can't bind themselves to other referrers.