Providing Liquidity(ELP)

Check "The ELP Pools" page for more detailed information.
Find the video tutorial here.
You can go to the "Dashboard" or the "Earn" page to buy or sell your ELP tokens.
There will be 1 ELP pool for the alpha test, while there will be 3 when the official launch.


Fees for buying ELP will vary based on which assets the index has less or more of, the Buy ELP page will show which assets have the lowest fee.
You need to choose the token, say BUSD and enter the amount you want to spend to buy the ELP token, then click the orange "Approve BUSD" button to approve BUSD at first.
Once the orange button change to "Buy ELP", then you can click on it, and confirm on MetaMusk. Waiting for a few seconds, the ELP you bought will appear in your wallet.
By holding the ELP token, you begin to receive the $EUSD rewards.
60% of the protocol revenue goes to ELP holders.


Note that there is a minimum holding time of 1 hour after minting before the ELP tokens could be sold.
You can sell your ELP token on the Earn page.


You can also choose to stake your ELP token to receive extra $aEDE rewards.
You can stake the ELP token on the Earn page.
You need to click the approve button and confirm on your MetaMask wallet, and then input the amount to stake.
Now you can see your staked balance here.
You can unstake your ELP tokens at any time.
You can claim the rewards at any time.