El Dorado Exchange
El Dorado Exchange

Buy/Stake $EDE

Find the video tutorial here.
You can buy or stake $EDE token on the Earn page.


Clicking on the orange Buy button, you will be redirected to the PancakeSwap page.
Click on the Import button and then fill in the BUSD amount you want to spend, then follow the guide on the page to finish the purchase of $EDE. You will need to confirm the transaction on your MetaMask wallet several times.


Clicking on the "Stake" button, the staking window will pop up, you can enter the amount you want to stake, and choose the Stacking Period. You can check the Summary at the bottom.
Then you need to Approve the transaction first before staking your $EDE tokens.
You will receive gEDE token once you staked your $EDE tokens. It will show the details in the gEDE section.
The rewards are released linearly during stake time, and you can claim the rewards at any time.
You can only unstake your gEDE token until the remaining lock time is 0.