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$EDE(ARB) Tokens

$EDE Token

$EDE, the platform's utility token, serves a crucial role within the EDE Finance ecosystem. Staking $EDE earns users the governance token ($gEDE), as well as $EUSD and $aEDE rewards, in line with the Tokenomic 2.0 plan.


Users can stake their $EDE for durations ranging from 1 week to 26 weeks. The reward system is designed to incentivize longer staking periods: the longer the stake time, the greater the rewards. Staking $EDE grants users the $gEDE token.
$gEDE doesn't trade on liquid markets and can't be transferred. It acts as a point system representing the vesting duration of the wallet's locked $EDE tokens. As tokens near their lock expiry, the $gEDE balance decreases linearly, reaching 1 $gEDE per 1 $EDE at zero lock time remaining. This system promotes long-term staking and active community participation.
Users can boost their $gEDE balance by locking more $EDE and extending the lock end date. Note that all $EDE tokens for a single account must have a uniform lock time.


$gEDE, or Governance EDE, is the EDE ecosystem's governance token. It's obtained by staking $EDE tokens, with each $gEDE entitling the holder to one vote in governance proposals. This empowers $gEDE holders to participate in community decision-making, protocol updates, and more.


$gEDE holders receive two forms of rewards: $EDE and $EUSD. 30% of the platform's generated fees are rewarded to $gEDE holders as $EUSD. Rewards can be claimed at any time but will automatically halve if not claimed before the lock-up expiration. Distribution is based on the holder's $gEDE proportion to the total $gEDE supply.


$aEDE tokens are earned through marketing and trading incentives, as well as ELP & EDE staking rewards. Each $aEDE token is equivalent to 1 $EDE after the vesting period. There's a 24-hour linear vesting period for $aEDE tokens, irrespective of ESBT level, as per the Tokenomic 2.0 plan.


$pEDE represents the allocation of $EDE tokens to the team and strategic investors. These tokens have a 4-year linear vesting period, beginning from the EDE liquidity launch date.