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Fee Distribution

The total fee represents the income generated by the protocol.
As of June 30th, 2023, the EDE community has approved the "Fee distribution voting" proposal, which led to a redistribution of the protocol fee income. The updated fee distribution is as follows:
  • 60% goes to ELP
  • 10% goes to gEDE
  • 5% goes to EDET stakers
  • 25% goes to the DAO Treasury
On April 26th, 2023, the EDE community approved the proposal for $EDE Tokenomic 2.0, which has resulted in a reset of the distribution of protocol fee income.
Below is a breakdown of how the fee is distributed:
  • gEDE(Staked EDE):10%
  • ELP Vault:45%
  • DAO Treasury:35%
  • EDET staker: 10%
EUSD Fee Distribution APR
EUSD Fee distribution APR that you see on the dashboard for $EDET staking represents a average of fees collected over the last 7 day period. $EUSD fees for these staking pools are distributed on a live basis, meaning that if a position is opened or closed, the fees associated with this transaction are sent to $ELP & $EDET stakers on a LIVE basis. You will not recieve rewards on a second by second basis for $EUSD, rather you will recieve rewards for a transaction by transaction basis. For $gEDE staking, the rewards are pooled & then distributed over a weekly basis. This means the APR will represent a second by second basis of the $EUSD rewards.