The Treasury currently earmarks 90% of its assets reserve for EDET holders, with the remaining 10% allocated to protocol development. EDET holders can opt to surrender any portion of their tokens, thereby claiming their proportional shareβ€”known as the surrender valueβ€”of the Treasury's cash reserve, excluding EDE tokens.

To facilitate this, a two-day redemption window opens biweekly, during which EDET holders can swap their tokens. Each redemption results in the corresponding EDET tokens being burned.

However, at the onset of redemption epochs, EDET is overvalued due to an influx of investment funds. In response to community consensus and approval, a transition period for EDET will be introduced:

In the first redemption epoch on Arbitrum network, EDET holders will receive 50% of the asset value. With each subsequent epoch, this percentage will increase by 10%. Thus, during the second epoch, users will receive 60% of the asset value, and this figure will rise to 70% in the third epoch, 80% in the fourth, and 90% in the fifth. From the sixth epoch onward, users will continue to receive 90% of the value, with the remaining 10% funneled into a developer-controlled wallet to ensure the project's sustainability.

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