Special NFT Event

A little world-cup-2022 game.

The game page link: https://wcg.ede.finance/

The contract address: 0x0A074378461FB7ed3300eA638c6Cc38246db4434

To have some fun before the El Dorado Exchange IDO & highly anticipated 2022 Football World Cup, our team has developed a small world cup themed event. The purpose of the event is not to take away from the development of El Dorado Exchange, but to create another source of marketing exposure for El Dorado Exchange & pool additional liquidity for the upcoming IDO.

All participants will receive the $aEDE airdrop post launch.

How to Play

Players could buy blind boxes to draw the World Cup team's NFTs.

By holding the NFTs, players can:

  1. Participate in the team NFTs staking game for rewards

  2. Or trading the team NFTs for profit when the price of the team NFTs rises


The mint starts on Nov 15, 8:00 (UTC).

The minting link: https://wcg.ede.finance/

Players can mint their teams on the official El Dorado Exchange website, or buy from the NFT secondary market.

There are two kinds of mystery boxes that could be minted:

  1. The mystery box;

  2. The grade mystery box.

90% of the funds raised will go to the total prize pool of the competition, and 10% will go to the team as the tax.

The Team Tiers

The 32 teams were allocated into 4 tiers based on the FIFA Men's World Rankings of 31 March 2022.

The Normal Box

After buying, the players will randomly get any one of the 32 World Cup teams’ NFTs.

The probability of obtaining different tiers' teams: Tier 1: 10% Tier 2: 20% Tier 3: 35% Tier 4: 35%

The Price: 0.1 BNB

The Tier Box

Players can choose any of the tiers to buy the tier boxes, and will randomly get any of the teams’ NFTs in this tier.

The Price

Tier 1: 0.75 BNB Tier 2: 0.38 BNB Tier 3: 0.15 BNB Tier 4: 0.05 BNB

For every 100 boxes(including the normal and tier boxes) sold, the price of all the boxes will increase by 5%.

Staking Your Team

After the World Cup starts, the stake function will be available.

Group Stage 32 teams can be staked; Staking starts on Nov 20, 16:00 (UTC)

Round of 16 16 teams can be staked; Staking starts on Dec 3, 15:00 (UTC)

Quarter-finals 8 teams can be staked Staking starts on Dec 9, 15:00 (UTC)

Semi-finals 4 teams can be staked Staking starts on Dec 13, 19:00 (UTC)

Final The top 3 teams can be staked Staking starts after the top 3 teams are determined

The Price Pools

The total prize pool awards for each round are distributed as follows:

Group Stage: 7.5% Round of 16: 10% Quarter-finals: 12.5% Semi-finals: 15% For the third place: 10% For the second place: 15% For the first place: 30%

The Stake Rule

When the World Cup begins, the stake reward pool opens simultaneously at the start of each round, releasing all rewards linearly over the entire time span of the tournament.

This also means that the earlier to stake the team NFTs, the higher rewards there will be.

The Unstake Rule

After staking a team NFT you can start receiving rewards for the corresponding round.

But if you want to continue to participate in the next round with the already staked team NFT, you need to unstake it first.

You can unstake your NFT anytime, but with a penalty of 120% of the rewards you have claimed.

The 120% penalty will accrue to the championship reward.

For Example

During the group stage, you have no confidence in Team A and chose to stake Team A first in order to get the most rewards before Team A is eliminated.

But in the end, Team A made it out of the group stage and you want to participate in the next round of stake to get a higher reward.

Now, let's say that during the group stage you earned 1 BNB by staking Team A. Now you need to pay a penalty of 1.2 BNB to unstake your Team A in order to participate in the next round of staking.

Best Strategy?

If you have a strong team NFT and are certain of getting into the round with a higher reward, the best strategy is to hold and wait for that round's prize pool to open before staking.

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